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Originally Posted by Stranger On A Train View Post
The "fine tuning" argument is really solipsistic nonsense. If the universe were not configured as it is, we would not be here to ask the question and the issue would be resolved. The need for the universe to be finely tuned to permit our existence is predicated on some essential necessity of that existence, rather than that we just happened to emerge from the existing mechanics of physics and chemisty of a convenient universe. Could those mechanics be altered by an arbitrary change in universal constants making any order impossible? Sure, that is concievable, but there would be no one in that universe to ask questions.
Stranger, it isn't, and it in fact supports the multiple universe hypothesis.

Observation : the various parameters of this universe must be set an exact way or we would not be here.

Observation : no coherent model of time and cause and effect as observed by the nature of this universe allows an event to spontaneously, from nothing, create just this universe and no other.

Resulting Hypothesis : some type of eternal mechanism has created this universe and others with different parameters and will do so forever.

If this hypothesized mechanism didn't create all possible parameters somehow (whether those extra universes will exist before/after this one, or they all exist right now simultaneously), it would be extraordinarily unlikely for us to be here.

I know this hypothesis is thin. There are many other explanations for our existence, but this one has the benefit of being as simple as possible.

The simplest possible explanation that explains all observations is the model you should use.