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Originally Posted by Lemur866 View Post
Of course, our universe isn't exactly finely tuned to support the presence of life, since even here in our solar system life apparently only exists on one small planet. [/url]
No, but it is thought that slight changes in the parameters and the universe would just be an ever expanding ball of dark gas, or just light expanding forever and no matter, or other such possibilities where no life at all can be possible. The possibility of self replicating complex matter spontaneously evolving requires an awful lot of characteristics specific to this universe.

That specificity is information, and the simplest model of universe formation posits a simple, eternal mechanism that creates them. Therefore, that mechanism could not have the information to create this specific universe alone, and thus, there must be other universes - or this one must repeat with different parameters.

Everything beyond that is mostly speculation, but the edge possibility that the other universes are visible from telescopes here allows at least a possibility of gathering the evidence to investigate it one way or another.

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