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Originally Posted by Lemur866 View Post
Of course, our universe isn't exactly finely tuned to support the presence of life, since even here in our solar system life apparently only exists on one small planet. The other bodies in the solar system are implacably hostile to life. Most of the matter in the universe is collected into starts, which can't support life, or frozen iceballs that can't support life, or finely dispersed gas and dust, which can't support life.
Of course, but the issue with the fine-tuning argument is that even our universe, even if earth is the only planet with life, would look lush compared to one where the strong force was a smidge stronger, say.

I'm no proponent of the fine-tuning argument, I am just saying I don't think these standard handwaves quite work.
(although, as I say, I'm not sure it's an issue that needs addressing anyway)