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Originally Posted by Morbo View Post
AT&T must have scrubbed it from existence, because I can't find a link to it, but a few years ago they had an ad where a woman was working in her fancy greenhouse, and the husband said something or other about getting a new family plan, and the bitchy wife said something like "I should have married John Clark!"

The punchline (such as it was) was that this service was free, but she didn't know that and was so fed up with his spending habits that she wanted him to know she regrets their life.
I remember that commercial:

Originally Posted by Me
"The searing hatred this commercial clearly feels for the wife is a cover for a searing hatred of the very people the commercial is counting on to buy their product. It's a bold and unmistakable indictment of the entire capitalist system, disguised as an advertisement from a major multinational corporation. This is a commercial that says, "If you buy our product, you are what is wrong with the world."

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