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Originally Posted by Irishman View Post
...The fine-tuning "problem" is that we developed in a universe in which we could develop. That seems hardly something that needs explaining...
That is not the fine-tuning problem. See e.g. the account from Andre Linde that I linked at post#36, or read the rest of this thread. The fine-tuning problem arises from the fact that the only viable models that we have for the universe do not constrain parameter values (and we can't find one that does, despite decades of trying); all parameter values seem to be possible, and the vast majority are not consistent with life.

Originally Posted by Irishman View Post
...Well, proponents of the fine-tuning argument say "God", not that I think that's a scientific explanation.
The fine-tuning argument for God is little more than "we don't understand X, therefore Jeebus".

But don't confuse this with the real fine-tuning problem in physics. When physicists call this a "problem" it does not imply that it's paradoxical or insoluble of that we must turn to God. It's just a problem in the sense that we don't know which of several possible naturalistic explanations is the correct resolution. One of the possible resolutions is the multiverse and the anthropic principle.

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