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Originally Posted by wolfman View Post
Apparently the thinking-things-through part of my brain was occupied in the yard work because only after I opened my laptop to navigate to Google street map archives from back when the house was built in the 1930's to see if it was original, did I detect the flaw in that plan.
There is a way to do just that, ask a historian. One of my favorite web sites, Historic Aerials :

Go to the "viewer" and put in a location and search for it. It brings up a current map that you can move around and zoom in, and aerial photos that go back however far they are available in your area. Near me they go to 1952.

These are old black and white versions of Google maps. They are not real low altitude and get fuzzy if you zoom too close, but I use them all the time to identify the configuration of old buildings. It might well show the bay window. and by looking at various years, you can tell approximately when it was added. Should you want a better view without the watermarks, it is inexpensive to purchase the view, which will be zoomed in a bit better.

If it is a newer addition, your county auditor's website may have older photos on the property report.

If you are in a rural area, there are other options as flight services periodically take nice close aerials of all the rural homes in a county, but availability varies widely by location. This is the best site:

Enter your state and county to see what is available. You can enter an address and let the site find what photos are close, or click on "browse the entire archive" to bring up a list of county maps indexed to rolls of film. It is a bit tricky to find your way through the rolls, if your area is on the maps I can offer tips to navigate.

One of my time killing hobbies is going through the unidentified rolls of film from the several counties I have interest in. I have identified and posted locations and descriptions of thousands of photos that I have cross referenced to old phone directories.

And there are other options, but they are hit or miss. In Cleveland, the county auditor took photos of every single building in the 1950s and these are archived.


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