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"So, here's the thing, I am as weary as you, of my constant nagging over your habit of dropping your crap any and everywhere about the house. Nagging isn't helping me or you, I think we can agree. So, I decided to get creative, try a new approach!

Recognizing you don't need things to be orderly or in place, it's only I who find the clutter chaotic and distracting is where I started. But also knowing I will grow very angry, bitter and resentful if I just turn myself into a housemaid for a untidy man. I'm just trying to find a way to deal, that ends the nagging, the chaos and the conflict.

So I thought I'd try this, I've put a bin in the garage/bottom of stairs/spare room, where I toss the things making my home chaotic and uncomfortable for me. This way the tidying I do, is something I'm doing for ME, so I don't feel like your servant. Since you don't seem to care where your things land, I thought this might be a workable solution for us!

It ends the nagging, for both of us, I do the picking up that's making home too chaotic for ME, WITHOUT growing ill feeling for you, and your things remain in the disorganized state that you seem to prefer, and conveniently all in one place! Let's give it a try!"