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My local TV's weather App gives a daily forecast and chance of rain.

For example, next Wed 4/26 there is a 100% chance of rain with Afternoon thunderstorms.

Meaning, rain will fall in my local area sometime during that day. Most likely Wed afternoon.

Tuesday, I'll be able to click Hourly (for Wed) and get percents throughout Wed.

I've learned (the hard way) if it says it'll rain at 2pm (60%) then I need to finish my errands by 1 pm or get drenched.

It's absolutely astounding to know the hour when rain is expected. I can go to the radar map and see the storm 60 miles to the west of me.

I find this incredible. We used to listen to the Farm report and weather at 5:30AM before heading down to the barns to work. That one forecast is all we had to plan our day. We might be bush hogging the pasture and get hit by a thunderstorm. My Uncle was really good at looking at the sky and spotting storms. We'd get our equipment in the barn just before they hit.

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