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Originally Posted by DSYoungEsq View Post
But The Weather Channel and other such services do the same thing. Are you saying The Weather Channel is spouting nonsense?
They're not spouting nonsense ... they're spouting commercial advertising ... trying to sell you a Ford F-150 with a snow plow attachment ... you can tell because Weather Channel will never never admit they don't know what the weather will be in 24 or 48 hours ... yet the NWS will if the conditions warrant ...

Our local weather is notoriously unpredictable, and the NWS will flat out state that the models are everyplace and there's no consensus ... but average weather for a given date is such and that's the forecast for no other reason other than that's as good a forecast as can be had ... you'll never hear that from a commercial weather report, or it would present Jiffy Burger's in a bad light ...

As long as these outlets don't say how they calculate these hourly rain probabilities ... then it's fair to assume it's just smoke and mirrors ... or that they're just making it up ...

There's a few people who report the weather who have a good idea of the principles involved ... but most are just reading NWS copy dumbed down for the masses ...

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