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Originally Posted by elbows View Post
"So I thought I'd try this, I've put a bin in the garage/bottom of stairs/spare room, where I toss the things making my home chaotic and uncomfortable for me.
This could work but only on certain types of mess. If you get this wrong, you may well cause extreme frustration.

There are (by analogy) two types of effective mechanics in this world. There's the type for which every tool has a place, and every tool is in its place. Then there's the type whose workshop looks like an explosion in a tool store but they can lay their hands on every tool very quickly because, well, they just can.

I tend to be the latter. It would drive me to raging anger if someone altered my working spaces by taking all the crap that I know the location of, and tossed it in a certain place. Because I know where that stuff is, and can lay my hands on it quickly, but if you toss it in a bin I'll lose track.

This solution would however work on stuff that is just carelessly lying about, and not working stuff. By "working stuff" I don't mean literally things required for working for a living. I mean things I use for living or working, as opposed to largely unimportant stuff (knickknacks etc).