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Originally Posted by Aspenglow View Post
I have one, but it's going to sound harsh. I don't mean it that way. It's just reality.

Imagine he died suddenly and what your life would be like if he was permanently beyond your reach. I suspect every little nuisance would pale in comparison to the immeasurable sense of loss you would feel.
Having recently gone through just that yeah, to some extent that's right - I'd gladly put up with his annoying habits to have him around again.

On the other hand, sorting through his stuff, I also occasionally say "WTF? You left this here and what am I supposed to do with it?" Sometimes I don't even know what it is, it's thing THING sitting there on a workbench (Mad scientist inventor. So far, no black holes, spatial anomalies, or deathrays).

So - yes, I'd gladly be enduring his annoying habits, but they'd still be annoying.

I/we dealt with it by having some dedicated space (man cave, female equivalent). But yeah, neither of you are likely to change the Annoying Habits at your age.