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I've got a copy of an anonymous book published in 1852 called The Mormons: or, Latter-Day Saints, a contemporary history, with memoirs of the life and death of Joseph Smith, the "American Mahomet.". Somebody -- almost certainly a librarian -- wrote some annotations in pencil on the title page, indicating that the author was Charles Mackay, the author of the much more popular Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. On the back of the title page, the librarian proved their SDMB-worthiness by writing in a citation which says:
See "Economic Beginnings in the Far West," Cowan, vol II, 1912, Bibliography, p. 399
I'm pretty sure that's the oldest book I have, assuming we're going by "when this physical book was printed" and not, you know, when the content was written.

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