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Originally Posted by Broomstick View Post
Having recently gone through just that yeah, to some extent that's right - I'd gladly put up with his annoying habits to have him around again.

On the other hand, sorting through his stuff, I also occasionally say "WTF? You left this here and what am I supposed to do with it?" Sometimes I don't even know what it is, it's thing THING sitting there on a workbench (Mad scientist inventor. So far, no black holes, spatial anomalies, or deathrays).

So - yes, I'd gladly be enduring his annoying habits, but they'd still be annoying.

I/we dealt with it by having some dedicated space (man cave, female equivalent). But yeah, neither of you are likely to change the Annoying Habits at your age.
LOL, I understand what you're saying, for sure. It took me nearly 2 years before I dared tackle the workshop, and there are still tools in there I have no idea what they're for. But reordering it felt like I was violating his space.

I was fortunate to have a partner who barely irritated me at all, and I think I'm on safe ground to say I didn't annoy him much, either. We were a very lucky couple in that regard. We savored the time we were able to carve out in one another's company from the day we met until the day he died. But a lot of that was due to the fact that we are/were both very independent people who didn't spend a ton of time around each other during the week. And on the weekends, our property kept us busy with every sort of project. We worked well together.

I also think a key to our success was that we each made a point of doing for one other. He never failed to greet me each morning with a cup of coffee made exactly how I like it. It always made me feel so cherished. I made sure he could smell dinner cooking when he walked into the house after work. He loved that. He trained me on how to put the lid down on the toilet seat. What a small price to pay to make him feel appreciated. He ironed his own shirts because he knew I couldn't stand to iron. Little things. They make a big difference, and it sure helps to have that foundation when working out the big things.