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Originally Posted by Mahaloth View Post
My English professor at the University of Michigan owned a first edition copy of Tristram Shandy, which was split into smaller coat-pocket size volumes. From the 1760's.

2-3 of the volumes...were signed by Laurence Sterne as a form of copyright protection.

He died in 1768 and I held books written by him. We flipped through the pages and everything. It was incredible.

Probably the oldest museum-type item I've touched.
Yeah, very cool.

I collected first editions for years. I sold my 1784 Shakespeare - it was the first Octavo single volume (in the forward, it was praised as a volume the common man could afford or that a gentleman could keep in his coach to win bets on quotes)

I have a few earlier books that my dad had acquired, but none stand out.

From a coolness factor standpoint, I still have a first of I, Robot (sold my Foundation Trilogy) and I have a Review Copy of The Autobiography of Malcolm X sent in advance to Congressman James Roosevelt, FDR's son. And a signed hardcopy Snow Crash and the limited first hardcover of Watchmen. Oh, and the Aerosmith bio Walk This Way signed by the band. Stuff like that