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Originally Posted by HoneyBadgerDC View Post
Great advice and it couldn't have come at a better time. I was sitting at my computer working on a writing project where I really didn't want distractions. She had a little bit too much to drink today and kept coming over with 5 second statements that would take her 10 minutes to relate. I was starting to boil inside. But then if I am honest with myself part of the attraction was her inhibited nature when she drinks. Double edged sword.
Um, uninhibited, perhaps? 'Cause coming over and keeping interrupting you when you are (I assume) showing irritation doesn't sound inhibited to me.

DesertRoomie has a habit of 'saving' food items. She'll polish off a jar of salsa but for two tablespoons on the bottom and stick it back in the refrigerator. Fine and good, but she doesn't go back to that jar next time. No-o-o-o! She opens a fresh jar (Understandable since she uses salsa three fingers at a time) and puts that into the refrigerator.

"Why don't you consolidate the two jars?"
"Because that jar is too old." (It was okay two days ago)
"Well, then, why don't you throw that jar away?"

Likewise when we eat out. She'll bring back a clamshell with three asparagus spears and half a baked potato. Into the refrigerator it goes. Forever.

Or, there will be a box of Cheez-its on the snack shelf. I'll take it down wanting a handful while I watch a movie and find three crackers. There's no spare box because the last time I went shopping, there was a box already.

The refrigerator part has been resolved in part by designating the most useless shelf as 'her' shelf. After a couple days or a week, the clamshell or salsa jar gets moved to her shelf and there it stays until she decides to clear it off, which happens about twice a year when I'm lucky.

The dry goods I fix by buying two boxes, and putting one on the shelf while the other is hidden in my room (it doesn't go on the shelf because we'd wind up with two partial boxes). When the shelf box is (more or less) exhausted out comes the hidden box and I try to remember to replace it in time.