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Originally Posted by Aspenglow View Post
LOL, I understand what you're saying, for sure. It took me nearly 2 years before I dared tackle the workshop, and there are still tools in there I have no idea what they're for. But reordering it felt like I was violating his space.
It's even more fun when I have a good friend of mine come to visit to help out with things. She'll find something like a box of LED lightbulbs labeled "Bad bulbs - save, do no throw out". WHY? FOR THE LOVE OF OG, WHY? my friend will say. Well, mad scientist, he likes to tinker with stuff. Busted stuff got saved for later dissection.

He did, eventually, throw out some of the busted up stuff after dissection. Actually, he usually asked me to take the recyclable stuff down to the local scrapper and then he'd toss the rest. But yeah, there's still stuff like that in his workshop.

I'm thinking of saving the box "Burned out power supply - save!" with the Kilroy-like cartoon face on it, because it was so very much him. Mind you, that doesn't mean I'll save the junked power supply inside it, it's the box that has sentimental value to me.