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I have a book from 1893, published by the sponsor of that year's World's Fair, that records in loving detail every single exhibit.

It's cool for me because I own a grandfather's clock, a family heirloom handed down for several generations, that won a prize at that fair.

The book was given to me by a cousin fairly recently, as she knew I had the related clock and figured the book and the clock belonged together. (The brothers and sisters involved in the debacle have long since passed away, but my mother "stole" the clock when my grandmother died; all 5 siblings wanted it so while the others were discussing it, my mother and father ran off, got a truck, and absconded with the clock, effectively ending the argument. The siblings held it against her for years!)

Anyway, I knew the story of the clock winning a World's Fair prize and how my mother grabbed it, but what I did NOT know until my cousin passed on the book was which World Fair it was. As it happened, when my cousin sent me the book I had just finished reading "The Devil in the White City" (a fascinating factual account of the fair and a serial killer who operated during it).

So now, thanks to the book, I know that a serial murderer spent a lot of time in close proximity to my clock. For all I know he scoped out a victim while she was admiring it.


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