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What 'laws' have you come up with?

Sort of like Godwin's law or along those lines. Doesn't have to be anything others acknowledge or follow, but any 'dopers have any thing like that that they secretly believe or follow?

Here's mine:

XT's law of pizza in the work place-ask any group of cow-orkers what sorts of pizza they will want and they will desire all sorts of strange pizzas with all sorts of (mainly vegetable based) gloop. However, when the pizzas are actually set out and devoured, inevitably they will eat the one pizza that I want (and the corollary...they only order ONE of these because 'no one likes that') to eat, while at the end the several pizzas ordered with the gloop will still mainly be there at the end (there is another corollary about how at least half of the gloop pizzas will be left for every non-XT standard/XT edible pizza ordered).