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Bob's Laws Of Working Within a Bureaucracy
  • Just because you see a problem doesn't mean that you'll be able to come up with a solution
  • Just because you can come up with a solution doesn't mean that you can write a program to solve it.
  • Just because you can write a program doesn't mean it will run.
  • Just because your program will run doesn't mean the underlying data is good.
  • Just because the data is good doesn't mean the results are valid.
  • Just because the results are valid doesn't mean you can make management understand them.
  • Just because management understands your report doesn't mean they will implement your solution.
  • Just because management implements your solution doesn't mean it will work.
  • Just because your solution worked doesn't mean you'll get any recognition for it.
  • Just because you get recognized for your work doesn't mean you'll ever get promoted.