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Originally Posted by Novelty Bobble View Post
I agree, I steam for hard and soft boiled eggs. Get the steamer steaming, pop the eggs in (no need to prick with this method either) and I give it 5 minutes for soft boiled and 8 minutes for hard.
Steaming advocate here, too, but my times are different. 6 for soft, 12 for hard. But I do them straight from the fridge. My method is a little different than Aspenglow's. I put the eggs in once the water starts boiling, not before. Then I cover, reduce heat a little bit, and set the timer. It's a fast method to boot, too, since it doesn't take all that long to boil up a pint (if that) of water (you only need enough water that it doesn't all completely evaporate by the end of the time.) Twelve minutes gives me perfectly hard-boiled eggs, no green or gray or around the yolk, no chalkiness. I've tried ten minutes, but there's still yolk oozing at that point, so something like "medium boiled" eggs, if there's such a thing. Do your own experiments to see what works best with your cooking vessels and eggs.

After that, they get dunked into an ice bath. I wait about 10 minutes and then peel them under running water. Now, I'm not sure what people define as "peel easily," but I can't remember the last time I've had any white stick to the shell using this method. This is not to say the shells just slip right off. Sometimes they do, but sometimes they take a little bit extra smacking the egg around to loosen the shell (and this is all from the same age batch.) But I haven't had a white stick to the shell in I can't remember when, and I just did a bunch of a couple dozen eggs for Easter.