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Originally Posted by Bill Door View Post
I pressure cook mine in an electric pressure cooker on the high pressure setting. That's 11.6 psi, or, for the SI folks, 79,979.18, ah hell, call it 80,000 Pascals.

I put them in cold in a basket over one cup of water, run for three minutes at pressure, then quick release and plunge into cold water. They peel perfectly every time. Sometimes too easily, when I color Easter eggs with the grandchildren I like to kind of crackle the shell before dying to give a colored design to the egg underneath, but if done in the pressure cooker crackling the shell results in it falling off.
I came here to say exactly this. I've tried many of the methods here, but once I tried in a pressure cooker I stopped bothering with anything else. Before you even get started peeling the shell is typically already detached from the whites thanks to the quick release of pressure. And no need to fuss about the eggs being too fresh!