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Originally Posted by BubbaDog View Post
Bump for a final update.

We went after the demon wallpaper with a determination usually reserved for Armageddon battles. The wallpaper won.

Luckily we found a lady who does this stuff for a living. She was so fast and good that we hired her to paint the rooms that she de-wallpapered.

She was so good at painting those rooms that we hired her to paint more rooms.

Unfortunately her methods remains a mystery to us as she only worked during our work hours so observing her secrets wasn't a possibility. I suspect some sort of sorcery which she fortunately used for only good purposes.
I hope you'll forgive my nosiness because I'm only asking this because so many houses on the market locally are so thoroughly papered, and I'm thinking I'll eventually need to find a similar wizard so I'm contemplating logistics of accomplishing this sort of thing when no one's home... How'd she get access to your house if you were both working? Did you leave her a key, or did you or your spouse let her in before you left for work? Oh, or does one of you work from home, and just didn't have time to observe?