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Originally Posted by Ukulele Ike View Post
I have never eaten Spam.

Originally Posted by Acsenray View Post
I've had spam musubi. It's not bad. I don't recall having eaten spam otherwise.
SPAM musubi is great!

Originally Posted by Siam Sam View Post
Spam is real food, dammit!
Indeed it is. Once again I'll mention dad's SPAM salad sandwiches. Grind the SPAM, mix in Miracle Whip (I'll explain) and sweet pickle relish, chill, serve on soft white bread. Basically it's just ham salad, only made with SPAM. OK, the Miracle Whip. SPAM is salty and fatty. If you mixed it with mayonnaise, you'd be adding fat and salt to salt and fat. Miracle Whip is a sweet dressing, so when you add it to SPAM its sweetness counteracts the saltiness and fattiness of the meat. I'm sure dad never thought about it, because he always used Miracle Whip on everything, but the sweet/savoury thing is well established. Dad had to coax people into tasting their first SPAM salad sandwich. Once they did, they always asked for more.

SPAM is a versatile meat, too. Musubi has been mentioned. Or you can slice it for a cold sandwich. Or fry it for a warm sandwich. Fry it and eat it with eggs. Cut it into cubes and put it in an omelette, or in mac'n'cheese, or fried rice. Make a Hawaiian pizza. You can even score the top, put whole cloves in the intersections of the cuts, glaze it with mustard and brown sugar, and bake it like a canned ham.

And yes, I have Ann Kondo Corum's Hawaii's Spam Cookbook and Hawaii's 2nd Spam Cookbook.