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Originally Posted by D.E.S.K.Top668 View Post
Best SPAMwich recipe ever. It tastes like childhood and nostalgia, before I understood that we were poor. My kids, now 17 and 15, knew about e-mail spam before they knew about the food SPAM and they still ask for them for Saturday lunch on occassion.
Original Spam
Cheap-ass white bread.
American Cheese slices (the cheaper, the better.) Velveeta works too, but now you're getting fancy
(Accidentally hit SUBMIT Now to finish)
Margarine, butter (it was on sale that week,) or Mayo (grabbed a bunch of packets at the last fast food place we ate at.)
Potato chips (store brand)
OPTIONAL: No-name canned chili-dog sauce
Remove SPAM from can and slice thin; fry with a little margarine, butter, or mayo.
Assemble SPAMwich: bread, cheese(ish substance), SPAM, cheese(ish substance), and bread. If you want to show off to the Hoi Polloi, you add another layer of SPAM and cheese(ish substance). Fry that mutha in SPAM grease and the fat of choice until golden brown.
Serve on plastic or paper plate. Add chips, and if you want to gourmet that, heat a can of chili sauce and dump it over the SPAMwich and chips