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No. Not just no, but hell no. My dad was into rock and roll at one point, this is clear from his record collection. But by the time I came along it was all farm music, all the time.

I hate farm music. I've hated it since I learned to clap time. To me "country music" is an oxymoron. I hate the music, I hate the musicianship (there are exceptions that I acknowledge*, but I still won't listen to it), I hate the pseudofolksy image it paints, I hate how it's so, so dull.

I keep my ears open. I'll listen to Bjork or Keith Jarrett or Frank Zappa or Al DiMeola or Charles Mingus or Rush (especially Rush), but I've heard all the Dolly and Porter that's necessary, and should I ever happen to hear "Friends in Low Places" again it'll be too soon.

For reference, I'll be 45 in two hours.

*Leo Kottke and Roy Clark come to mind first.