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My mom was never particularly big into music. Growing up, she owned maybe five albums including Bonnie Tyler's Faster Than the Speed of Night, Air Supply's Greatest Hits and Dan Fogelberg's The Innocent Age. I suppose I enjoy "Total Eclipse of the Heart" as much as anyone who was young in the 80s, can ironically smirk at "Making Love Out of Nothing At All" and still remember the lyrics to "Run for the Roses".

My son listens to EDM and other "weird stuff" but then tells me that he spent an afternoon listening to Elton John, Paul Simon or Billy Joel. He has various forms of choir throughout high school so maybe he has wider appreciation for accomplished singers. Or maybe I just broke his brain playing my dad music in the car.

He was also a kid/teen during the big boom of music games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. I assume a lot of kids from those years are well acquainted with a lot of the hits from my youth in video game form.

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