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Both my parents and I listen mainly to classical music, but this is misleading. We actually listen to very different repertoires.

Basically, they are into big Classico-Romantic orchestral works. Symphonies and concertos written between 1750-1900. That's it, more or less. I'm always stunned by the number of minor piano concertos they have on their shelves for instance. They'd much rather listen to a lesser work by a minor Romantic composer than dip their toes in Baroque music or, God forbid, contemporary classical.

As far as I'm concerned, my musical "centre of gravity" is more 1800-1950 but also a bit of Baroque (Bach, Purcell, Vivaldi, Rameau) as well as some contemporary composers (Ligeti, Dutilleux, Lutoslawski, Dusapin). Plus, while I do listen to symphonies and concertos regularly, solo piano and chamber music are perhaps more essential to me (they don't care much for these genres). I also listen to vocal music occasionally (they hate it).

There is no doubt that their listening habits informed mine, but I explored very different directions.

My daughters are into horribly vapid pop. As they should at their age .