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My parents and I live a thousand miles apart, so there's no chance we'd be listening to the same radio station anyway. Streaming music options aren't really a thing for them, though my mom does stream WGBH or WBUR Boston NPR stations occasionally.

My dad thinks all good music was fifties and early sixties, pre-Beatles. And country. Old country. So, no.

My stepmother listens to generic inoffensive very very very light pop. It's so inoffensive that it drives me crazy.

My mom and I have a tiny bit of overlap. I'm not a classical music fan, but we both enjoy jazz. She listens to both a Jimmy Buffet and a Steely Dan CD that I accidentally left there, and she bought a Grateful Dead CD after hearing mine (when she was in her 60s).

I listen to a lot of old New Wave/Punk/Goth, plus alternative rock generally.