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Originally Posted by Ambivalid View Post
Fuck no. One of my dad's favorite artists is Roy Orbison. Roy Orbison. One of my mom's favorites is Michael Bolton. !? Suffice to say we have very different ideas of what constitutes good music.
Roy Orbison is fucking brilliant. You are welcome to not like him, but putting him next to Michael Bolton with equal derision makes no sense at all.

I have significant overlaps with my parents. They don't like rock, but we all love American Songbook, small combo jazz, swing jazz, zydeco, folk and the blues. Lots of stuff.

I introduced my kids to music and the concept of listening with open ears to all music. I introduced each of them to their favorite artists: TV on the Radio for him; Etta James for her. The level of overlap is 80%+ with each of them.

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