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My parents were born in 1924 and 1926, and I was born in 1954. We were thus on opposite sides of what I think of as The Beatles Divide. They grew up on big bands and band singers, and when I was a kid they listened to radio stations that played current stuff from Sinatra, Crosby, Como, Cole and the like. They tolerated but did not like my sister's obsession with folk and then Motown, and the British invasion stuff that impelled me to pick up a guitar was noise to them.

I was in the car with my father in late 1963 when I first heard I Want To Hold Your Hand. He was a semi-pro singer, he later told me that about a quarter of our family's income came from his singing gigs. When I was so clearly blown away by what I heard from the Beatles, he went all analytical on me, something like "They're singing in unison and then one guy takes the melody high and the other guy sings a low harmony, what's the big deal? Your mother and I sing better than that." Not to my ears, Dad.

I should add that the same station that played I Want To Hold Your Hand also played stuff like Nat King Cole's Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer. There wasn't yet a rock station that I was aware of, but I was nine.