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For best, I'd have to go with "Calvin & Hobbes." The strip was simply brilliant, over and over. It was more consistently good than "The Far Side," which had some of the funniest jokes ever written by a human, but if you actually paw though all the Far Sides, a surprising number aren't very funny. C&H was good basically every single day.

Obviously, many, many comic strips are brilliant and innovative. Pogo, Peanuts, Dilbert, Bloom County, XKCD, all wonderful and important.

For worst, I admit I hate "Cathy," too. I agree that "Reply All" strip is appalling - I randomly fired up 10 strips, nine did not have anything I could identify as a joke, and the one that did wasn't funny - but I am sure there are even worse ones; to get my vote is has to be a strip popular enough that most people would have seen it if they read the funny pages.

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