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Originally Posted by Darren Garrison View Post
Favorite currently running strip that nobody has mentioned yet: Get Fuzzy. Worst? Family Circus.
I stepped away from Get Fuzzy when it went on reruns, which seems to be a common thing these days.

Some of the strips on GoComics are delayed - reruns from a couple of years back, I guess as relicensed material. I don't mind as long as I didn't read the originals, which for things like Doonesbury and Get Fuzzy I had.

I really liked Starslip, but the author seems to have run it first as a webcomic, then rebooted it as a print strip, and then ended it, in-strip, at some point recently. (The final crisis involved a risk of rebooting reality, and they push the button, and... fwoop.)

Family Circus, yeah. I'd put Marmaduke at the same level if I didn't live with Great Danes and find real comfort in someone else understanding how weird they are.