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Celtic Knot:

Zits, by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman, about a family consisting of a teenage boy and his parents, who are often confounded by each other.
Nitpick - the family also includes a seldom-seen older brother (away at college, I think?) - he's not much of a factor in the strip, but it would be inaccurate to say the family consists of only the teenager and his parents.

I read a lot of comics, but I'd say the ones I like best at the moment are Monty, Frazz, and Pearls Before Swine.

Worst? I nominate Mutts. I hate the cat's stupid speech impediment. I hate the fact that the author thinks it's entertaining to have a full week of strips of just the cat singing about its little pink sock, and I hate the sappy "shelter stories weeks" that are basically repetitive advertisements for adopting shelter animals as pets (to be fair, these might have changed; I don't read it anymore since I don't like it).

Honorable mention for worst is Pibgorn, not because the content is bad, but because its author seems to take weeks-long vacations in the middle of storylines, and offers no word to the reading audience (at least not that I can see on - maybe there's a better venue for reading it) as to when the next installment can be expected.