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My parents listened to classical music and jazz, exclusively. While I learned to appreciate and love some of the pieces they liked, I rarely listen to either now that they are gone. They were very tolerant of my music when I was growing up, even inquiring about it occasionally, but they would have never sought it out on the radio.

My sons and I share an affinity for Motown, Led Zeppelin, and the bulk of the alt rock catalog from the '90s and early aughts. But they are heavily into rap and hip hop which I cannot abide, while I am still heavily into current alt rock, which they find 'meh'.

Happily, though, we can usually find a radio station to agree on if we are all in the same car, f'rinstance.

And, happiest of all, number one son is starting to get into the blues recently, my greatest love. Educating him on artists and pieces has been a great, unhoped for pleasure,