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I don't know if it counts as a "summer salad" (I'm not familiar with the phrase), but curried chicken salad is always one of my favorites. Basically, take a roast chicken (or otherwise cook some up), chop it up finely. Add: mayonnaise with whatever curry powder you like (you can cut the mayo with yogurt, if you'd like), chopped celery, slivered almonds, chopped apples, peach or apricot preserves, cilantro, raisins or dried cranberries, and mix it all up. You don't have to use all those ingredients, but generally you're looking for a mix of stuff that has crunch, sweetness, a bit of tartness, nuttiness, and fruitiness. Sometimes I do sunflower seeds or another type of nut instead of the almonds, for instance. Works well on its own with some salad greens, or in a sandwich. ETA: Oh, I forgot, I usually put some finely chopped green onions in there too, either the white and/or the green part. Chutney's also a good addition and can substitute for or be added to some of the fruity elements.

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