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I grew up listening to what my parents played on the radio, which was mostly Oldies (from the birth of Rock'n'Roll in the 1950s up through the early British Invasion of the early 1960s) to what Classic Rock was in the 1990s (psychedelic later 1960s up through the non-punk non-prog rock of the 1970s), which I still appreciate and enjoy, even though I've branched out a lot since then.

My parents are bit narrower, but my mom, at least, will listen to just about anything once except opera and the more esoteric forms of jazz, both of which I like. Now that she has Sirius XM in her car, she listens to a lot of 40s Junction, which is big band, traditional pop, and jazz from the 1920s through the 1940s. My dad doesn't listen to nearly as much variety, focusing more on the 1970s music of his youth and early adulthood.