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Originally Posted by Chefguy View Post
Shrimp Salad

2-3 cans of shrimp, drained
Diced green bell pepper (1/2 large)
Diced small onion
Dill weed
shell pasta, cooked

Sorry about the amounts. I fake it when I make it. Basically, it's to your taste, but there is usually a substantial amount of dill involved. If you don't like dill, then thyme would probably work. Go light on the mayo; you can always add more, if needed. If you want to garnish it for presentation, place a few medium-sized cooked shrimp on top and dust with paprika.
That just got put on my list.

My favorite summer salad is cucumber slices in sour cream and dill. Easy to make, so tasty and refreshingly chill to serve.

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