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Originally Posted by CelticKnot View Post
There are so many classics. Calvin and Hobbes will always be a favorite; as another thread made clear, almost everyone loves The Far Side.
Zits, by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman, about a family consisting of a teenage boy and his parents, who are often confounded by each other.
Most obscure, and hilarious: Overboard by Chip Dunham. A pirate ship portrayed as if a modern office: incompetent employees, idiot boss, office politics. I say obscure because I read it in the Baltimore Sun decades ago, but I have never seen it anywhere else.
I confess to bias; my husband created a few strips, but has never found a publisher for them. If anyone has any ideas about how to make them public, let me know.
There are few today that might be good, but the "artwork" is so bad I don't want to look at them.
There's a strip I found on the gocomics dot com site a few years ago, called Breaking Cat News by Georgia Dunn. It follows the antics of three cats living in the household of a young couple and their growing family. The conceit is that the cats treat their daily life as a newscast. When I first saw it, the strips werre done in a watercolor style, and they were of varying lengths (which made online publication pretty much necessary). Recently (like, in the past few weeks), the strip has apparently been picked up for syndication, and publication in newspapers.

It may be worthwhile to try to track Ms. Dunn down and see how she got her start.