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Another vote for Calvin and Hobbes.
Deep and Imaginative ideas, whimsical humor, eloquent yet tight writing, excellent art. This is a real all-rounder.

As a teen, I also loved Matt Groening’s Life in Hell for it’s dark and off-beat humor.

Worst: Probably Mary Worth.
Also, although I’ve only skimmed through a few, I’d say Funky Winkerbean has to be in the running for one of the worst by being both a humorless “funny” comic and a pretentious “serious” comic at the same time.

Originally Posted by CelticKnot View Post
almost everyone loves The Far Side.
To nitpick, The Far Side, though often brilliantly funny and despite being one of my all-time favorite "funnies", is not technically a comic strip.
For this same reason, I can’t include the often profound and always quirky work of Leunig or the deliciously sardonic work of Kaz Cooke.

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I've never understood or got the popularity of Doonesbury, or why Australian newspapers run it. Worse, I often see "Classic Doonesbury" from the 1970s and think "Who, in this country, is amused by a political comic strip from before the invention of cassette tapes???"
Heh. I'll cop to that. Even as a kid I liked the ironic humor of Doonesbury, although a lot of it sailed right over my head. It also had an intriguing format and played around with its narratives and artwork in a sort of cinematic way that I found interesting.