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Life was pretty easy and simple in those sitcoms, I would want to avoid Get Smart and the Honeymooners though. First means I would be living in a dangerous world where all but the main characters were subject to death and torture. The second, as it was a crappiest living standard of all the DomComs.

Ghost and Mrs. Muir seemed like a nice place to live, the little town Gull Cottage was near.

Nanny and the Professor was a University Campus and town.

I Dream of Jeannie would probably mean I was working for NASA! That would be a win.

New Rochelle of the Dick Van Dyke show seemed boring, but working in TV with Rob Petry and crew might be fun, then again, the boss would be tough.

Beaver, My 3 Sons, Flying Nun, Andy Griffith Show, Green Acres, and the other rurals all seem unappealing too me though Beverly Hillbillies would probably mean I was a neighbor and thus well off and only had to put up with eccentric but fun neighbors as long as I don't get on the wrong side of Granny.

For the 70s, far less seem appealing, Taxi, Barney Miller, All in the Family, Good Times, etc. seem not so great. I suppose the Jeffersons would mean I had a job that could support living in a very expensive NYC apartment.