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Originally Posted by DesertDog View Post
Some years ago, Analog had a novella (title and author unfortunately forgotten) where a woman and a man had to time-travel back to 1965 and Save the World by preventing something from happening. Rather than physically going back, though, it was their adult minds that were sent back to temporarily hijack their younger selves (15 for the woman, 14 for the guy). One of the big difficulties in carrying out the mission was how restricted a high-school girl was, especially then. The guy had a little more freedom but more difficulty getting the couple hundred miles to where she was, to say nothing of disappearing for a couple days.

She commented that the good old days aren't all that great not viewed through rose-colored glasses.
Oh, that sounds like an awesome premise.

Anyone else happen to recall this title? I want to find it.
It was always the Doctor and Sarah.