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Originally Posted by Shagnasty View Post
The thing I find most remarkable is that Americans, Canadians, English, Irish and Australians still speak the same language with only a few exceptions (we will leave the Scottish and Brooklynites out of this for now). Despite hundreds of years of separation, the vast majority of it would be perfectly mutually intelligible if the rest of them just learned to talk right.
I've often given that some thought, especially reading posts here.

Also, watching an Australian TV show (Bondi Vet) a lot of the same colloquialisms are completely shared with North American English. How did that happen?

(Although they sure do say "mate" an awful lot!)

I'm from Scotland originally. Although the accent can be thick (and they certainly can informally write in the same accent) formal writing - judged even by our Scottish posters here - is indistinct from any other English language poster.

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