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Here is mine. I start by cooking 500 g of pasta. Any kind, but I like wagon wheels; they end up looking like trivial pursuit wheels. Cook it, add a couple oz. of mayonnaise and put it in the fridge to cool. Meantime, I chop a mixture or black (something like calamita) and green olives, maybe a cup of each (you might find it too olive-y, an oxymoron for me, so use less). Cut up a few oz of sliced banana peppers, diced, two sweet peppers (I like a red and a yellow) diced, five scallions. All diced. Add a few tsps of sweet relish (or dice a handful of sweet pickles). Mix all the ingredients.

At this point, I divide it equally into four containers. It fits perfectly into four 1 liter ice cream containers. This is the basis for four dinners for the two of us. Every night we add a protein. Possibilities are eight oz of cooked shrimp divided in a few pieces each; a couple of small chicken breasts, diced; two cans of tuna flaked; a large can of salmon; 8 oz of scallops diced; whatever appeals. Mix it thoroughly into one of the containers and divide in two.

In really hot weather, this gives us four consecutive delicious meals. Don't hold the salad over more than four nights.