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What's a specific brand of consumer product that's worth the money and then some?

We spend so much time in life buying things, and a lot of its is overhyped and turns out to be really disappointing, or you go into it knowing it'll suck but you have no choice (Airline travel.) But you know, some brands just deliver the goods. Nothing fancy or stupid expensive, but by God you get what you pay for and then some; they do exactly what they say they will. Stuff like movies or video games and things that are inherently mostly subjective don't belong here; I'm talking about products with a purpose.

Some examples:

1. Sharpies. This thread was inspired by someone mentioning Sharpies. Sharpies are fantastic. I have never, ever been disappointed with a Sharpie. They're affordable and yet work fantastically well, every time. I've been using the same set of permanent Sharpies for by whiteboard (erase by simply drawing over them with a non permanent marker) for a year and they're still going strong. I may as well have bought them yesterday.

2. Heinz Ketchup. My wife is a little cheap and will go out of her way to save 25 cents on a grocery item but when it ocmes to ketchup she'll buy Heinz and nothing else. And she's right. Heinz is delicious. I've tried other ketchups and they all taste exactly like if Heinz ketchup was accidentally not made quite right.

What are your examples?