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Originally Posted by Just Asking Questions View Post
One of our stress dept engineers was quite fond of No Highway In The Sky, perhaps the only movie to feature a stress engineer as the hero.

I joked once that, if they remade it, they'd go full Hollywood and cast Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. Then I thought about it, and basically, that's how they did cast it!
I teach Reliability Engineering, and I always cite this movie. Amusingly, the aircraft in the movie is called a "Reindeer." A few years later, life imitated art when several British "Comet" aircrafts crashed for the same reason. Comet of course being one of the most famous reindeer!

Other movies that trip my engineering trigger: The original Cheaper By The Dozen (not the execrable remake with Steve Martin) and all the Iron Man films, plus Army of Darkness where Ash is "inventing" stuff from the future. I also like how MacGyver and Burn Notice do similar stuff, but those aren't movies.

Of course most of my favorite movies are not favorites based on me being an engineer.

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