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11.2 - Cry Wilderness

Film : Cry Wilderness
Episode : 199 (counting the MST3K Movie)
Secret Number : 014

Film Synopsis : Magic Bigfoot warns precocious child about danger to his father, a park ranger, then proceeds to cause said danger with his very presence. Featuring stock footage, a hilariously villainous 'big game hunter', and two young raccoons who do NOT want to be in this movie.

Series and Episode Thoughts : Now they're starting to fire on all cylinders, and what better way to open up than with a spiritual cousin to Pod People? This episode gives us our first use of the 'bubble splice' technique of the new show, so they can glue together two different takes and speed production and it's.. fine.

Important Stuff : We establish that Jonah has to act out the opening each time, because Kinga's liquid video technology is terrible at recording. And we get a visit from Pearl, Brain Guy, and Bobo! What the hell happened to Bobo's mask - as improved as every other aspect of this production is, it looks like they could not afford to spend an extra few bucks to get a decent Bobo head. After the visit, Kinga laments that it's hard to connect this season to last season, and she should have rebooted - meta!

HS 1 : Crow finally gets to use his netting for its intended purpose.

Invention Exchange : Jonah presents the Turkey Theremin; Kinga presents the Carvel Clock.

HS 2 : The Bots appears as raccoons wrecking cereal boxes as Jonah looks on and laughs - then they start to escalate the hijinks.

HS 3 : Woodcut models help Jonah explain the implausible world where this film got made.

HS 4 : Pearl and the gang visit; we learn Synthia (who does look eerily like a young Pearl) is a clone she left to assist Kinga.

HS 5 : Max sings a few more verses of the bleak song at the end of the movie - the Bots try to trick him into sending up the keys to Jonah's backjack spaceship.

Memorable Riffs :

(at the title)
Crow : "Well, if you insist.."
All (whining) : "Wiiiildernessss!"

Jonah (as Bigfoot) : "I've shouted at three different Boy's Schools, is this the right Paul?"

Jonah : "This is like Ice Road Truckers, but less staged."

Crow : "You can't spell 'Dad' without ADD.."

Tom : "Rob Riggle's little brother is right, let the kid stay!"

Tom : "Hey, gold struck him, it's a switcheroo!"

Tom (as the father) : "Son, it might be the brain injury talking, but I submarine lightbulb."

Good running gags with the stock footage animals talking to Paul, and the repeated 'Bang!' riff. Nice riff callbacks with "Rowsdower!" and "You look at them, I'm bitter."

Kickstarter Backers : Takes us up to 'Carrie', alphabetical by first name.

Stinger : The big game hunter chews the scenery, and some pile of miscellaneous meat.

Going to try to do about one of these a week!