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Originally Posted by The Stafford Cripps View Post
Carr's are a biscuit company, so my WAG is that this was a free gift sold with boxes of biscuits.
What manner of beast sells a free gift?

Originally Posted by Carr's Dictionary of Extra Ordinary English Cricketers
These books hover between a greeting and a present. They fit a common envelope and go for a minimum postage. In cold bedrooms only one hand to the wrist need suffer exposure. A distinguished novelist recommends them for reading in the bath. An ambbassador, albeit an American, claims they can be palmed from the cuff during tedious speeches and profitless sermons.
R.D and J M Carr. There is a number to call 01284. Whence?

The Revd. Francis Cornford, Vicar of Cam, c.1863, batting on Stinchcombe Ridge, Glos., made a hit yielding 18 runs. 'Lost Ball!' could not be called because at no time was the ball out of sight.
There's a mention of a man in my own town who died in a collision with his colleague while running. Also, I didn't know you could be caught when the ball had ricocheted of the batsman at the other end.

Julius Caesar, natus Godalming, circa MLCCCXXIX, a slow bowler who, on overseas tours, wept if required to sleep alone. He later was coach at Uppingham.

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