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Originally Posted by The Stafford Cripps View Post
Ok, blindboyard is making little sense, and appears unfamiliar with the concept of the "pamphlet", but the quotes themselves are fully understandable to someone who follows cricket. Which ones are you struggling with?

A pamphlet about baseball, written in an arch humorous tone 100 years ago, would probably be equally unfathomable to people who don't follow that game.
It's just the humorous tone and bizarre anecdotes like somebody weeping if they sleep alone. So these are joke anecdotes or are they supposed to be true facts? (Though the Julius Caesar gives it away.) That's what I can't tell. Or is this a modern pamphlet written in the style of something that would have been written 100 years ago?

I mean, I feel like an idiot, because it so obviously is some type of joke or humor, but I can't ascertain its provenance.

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