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Originally Posted by Tranquilis View Post
The Martian pissed this engineer off. Also pissed this military veteran off.

Yeah, OK, they had a fun time playing with biology - I can't speak to that. But the wind? WAGing the trajectories? Suit pressure as a thruster via an uncontrolled tear?! Commanding officer going from Strong, Capable, and Professional to unprofessional grand-standing idiot (finale scene)..?! There's a lot more, but my blood pressure's starting to rise to thruster-levels...
I love The Martian in both the book and movie form but the premise pisses me off as well. There are storms on Mars but the air pressure is hardly anything in Earth terms. You can't have the equivalent of a hurricane that kills someone like it is Hurricane Katrina roaring through To be fair, even the author admits that but I doubt he expected anyone to pay that much attention to it when he wrote it. The improvised space suit thruster is dumb too.

However, I forgive it because most of the rest of the book (and movie) is fairly diligent about details. It just needs a little touch-up work. I hate most soft science fiction so much that I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt to something that at least tries to create something more realistic. There is a lot of room for improvement but at least it is a first step. Hopefully, the success of The Martian will convince Hollywood to create more realistic movies in general and knowledgeable people to write the scripts for them.

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