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Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
To elaborate further on 1#, when a population gets to a certain size, farming is the only practical way to generate a food supply to feed all those mouths.

Take the USA's population (roughly 300 million) or China's (1.3 billion,) for instance. There is no way that 300 million Americans or 1.3 billion Chinese people could feed themselves by scavenging or hunting. Not enough wild deer, wild strawberries, crayfish in the creek to go around.

Finally, farming allows you to get better-tasting food with more variety. You can't get chicken fettuccini by finding a few stalks of grain that grow in the wild for the pasta, or cows that roam about in the wilderness for milk, or wild chickens for the chicken meat. What about the wild garlic, the thyme, the oregano? A hunting/scavenging lifestyle means that most fancy or even moderately-complex food recipes are impossible. Where do you get your soy sauce, vinegar, butter, spinach, avocadoes?

If you are only hunting and scavenging, you would never taste food from other countries. No coconuts from Pacific islands, no mangoes from Vietnam, no oranges from Central America, no avocadoes from Argentina, etc.

Society's diet on a purely hunting/scavenging basis would be pretty awful.
Those last few sound more like luxuries than actual reasons.

What about all these downsides though?